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About Us

Never-Enuff began in October 1994 as Never-Enuff BBS (which is still up and running to this day).  We began Never-Enuff to help and service the community, from the beginning we offered our customers Internet via Excalibur Software with Flipsock & Zedsock with many dialup nodes in Spangler, Pa and Fair Oaks (Ambridge), PA.  In 1997 we transformed to a full PPP dialup ISP with 50 plus dial-in lines in the beginning and when we ceased dialup access in 2007 we had over 600 dial-in lines covering the entire USA in our data center in Spangler (Northern Cambria, Pa).  During the dialup era Never-Enuff began building home brew DSL utilizing LADA circuts that were able to provide a blazing 2 to 4 Mbit connection to customers within certain areas.  During this period we also began the roll out of our wireless network with Canopy Wireless 5.2 and 5.7 Access Points and CPE's with great success.

Never-Enuff still prides itself on bringing the very best Internet possible to rural and under serviced areas.  Currently We offer High Speed Wireless Internet in parts of Cambria, Indiana and Clearfield counties and offer Broadband DSL Nationwide and Broadband Fiber Optics in Canada.

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