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Use your DSL modem

How to Remove the Verizon Activation Page

For Most Westell & ActionTec DSL Modems


All Westell and ActionTec modems that are being shipped to customers now have a factory setting ENABLED by default known as Walled Garden. Walled Garden causes a no route situation (unable to connect to the internet or surf) within the modem in order to force registration via the Web Based Activation site. In order for you to route (or connect to the internet or surf) with these modems, Walled Garden must be turned off or disabled.

For the Westell 327 and 6100 Modems use

For the Actiontec Gateway use

For Westell 6100F, Westell 6100, Westell Versalink 327W, and Westell 7500, simply goto and enter the modem’s username and password (default modem user name and password is “admin” and “password”). Click DISABLE and personalize your modem’s user settings. It is advisable that you change the password to “admin”. Turn OFF your modem for 30 seconds.
You should be able to route (connect to internet) after walled Garden is OFF.

Fow Actiontec Gateway, just visit and follow the above procedure clicking OFF button.


Please NOTE: If your modem has another telephone company affiliation, such as Frontier or AT&T, you may need to replace "Verizon" with the name of the telephone company printed on the modem, such as "Frontier" or "ATT" to get to the walled garden page.


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