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Computer Repairs / Services

Full Serives Computer Repair Facility


Never-Enuff is a full service computer shop.  We have over 23 years of experience witth PC's, Laptops, Servers and even Mainframes.  Our staff has experience with Windows, Mac, Linux & Unix.



Computer Repairs Pricing:


Shop Labor $60 / hour

Onsite Labor $75 / hour (no fee during travel)


Flat Rate Services:


Virus / Spyware Removal:  $ 129.00

Copy data from old computer to new computer:  $49.99

Data Recovery  $49.99 per drive  (does not include if special recovery methods are needed, such as shipping to specialy lab, but this will be discussed before hand.)

Wiping and Reloading Computer with customer disks:  $119.99 ( includes installing all service packs, hot fixes and driver upgrades)


If you have any questions on prices, Please call us for a quote: